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With our beautiful Real Wood Flooring

Why choose real wood flooring?

A Healthier Option

Allergen producing dust mites, flees and dust trapped in a carpet can play havoc with allergy sufferers – with wood nothing is hidden

Easy Clean

Wood flooring is easier to keep clean than carpeting – a simple brush or light vacuum keeps your wood floor looking great and even mud dragged in by pets and kids vanishes with a damp mop

Odour Free

With wood flooring there are no unpleasant odours – the sweet smell of a polished wooden floor is always an inviting delight

Cost Effective

Wood flooring is also available to all budgets and tends to appeal more when selling a house, compared to those with other floor finishes


Wood’s appeal is timeless – a well-fitted, good quality, wood floor should last for decades where carpeting will almost certainly need replacing sooner

About The Products

Real wood flooring

14mm / 18mm / 20mm Oiled, Lacquered, stained. Many options to suit all tastes

Handpicked ranges

We personally select our products and check the quality before we choose a new range. 

Why chance that cheap one off deal from those internet sellers? There is usually a reason why something seems very cheap!

Local stock

Lots of stock held locally in central Bristol. 

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